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Latest News

3/01/2012 Global Aid Against Poverty President returns from relief efforts on the Kenyan border and hosts a briefing with local community leaders and philanthropists....(read more)

2/22/2012 Cooking oil and hygiene packs were handed out along with Tents and other outdoor supplies to over 750 families at a refuge camp feeding....(read more)
2/09/2012 Global Aid President on the ground in Somalia arranging the first live global internet telethon for the residents of the largest cross border refuge camp in Kenya....(read more)

12/01/2011 Global Aid Against Poverty Launches new Website ""....(read more)

11/29/2011 Our well was completed today in the Somalian Village "Barawa"....(read more)
11/15/2011 Three tons of rice as well as 5000 med kits were airlifed into Somalia today ....(read more)
  • 1. Poverty alleviation and improvement of standard living condition of the most vulnerable groups, through approach to basic rights (Safe Drinking Water, Health, Sanitation, Food production and Education).
  • 2. Promote Peace building, Gender balance, increase Confidence, Integration and Co-operation.
  • 3. Strengthen the capacity and copy mechanism of the local community to deal with manmade and natural disaster (Droughts, Flooding).
How do I trust your organization?
Global aid against poverty was founded in 1993 for the purpose of helping man kind all donation made thru our organization will definitely go to the deserving poor people thru out the world, We respond to donors by sending biannually report which will included pictures and location where you donation was send to and spent.

Is my donation tax deductible?
All contribution to global aid against poverty is 100% tax deductible as soon as your contribution is received and record your will be issued a receipt .

What can I donated?
Global aid against poverty accepts contribution which may include but not limited to. Cash, used vehicle, clothing, electronics equipments etc.

What is the Administrative cost for global aid against poverty?

Given our capacity and level of delivering our administrative costs are less than 7.3%. Our fundraising costs are about 6.9%. This means that 93.8% of our total annual income goes toward supporting the projects.

What is your working relation with Governments in the world?
Global Aid Against Poverty. Does not receive any funding from any government entity but we have excellent work relation with all governments who agree and work within the Geneva Convention.

Where do you work?
GAAP has the capacity of delivering aid to many different places around the global currently we have partners in Click Here

How can I help?
The most effective way to help Global Aid Against Poverty is through a financial contribution. We encourage our donors to support their local community by giving in-kind goods to masjids or organizations in their area who are best able to distribute the items to those in need.

Where is your head office?
Global Aid Against Poverty Head office is located in Seattle WA, 3815 S OTHELL St SUITE #100-196 Seattle WA, 98118

How can I reach you by phone?
The main phone for land line in the united state is TEL: 1888-789-9992

How do you distribute Zakah tul mal? 55
All zakatul mal are distributed according to the Quran and the Sunni of Prophet Muhammad (saw). T      he donors of the zakah has the choice to request Global Aid Against Poverty which country, region, state he wish to donate to. With condition the request is in line with working rules

What are your fundraising rules?

Fund Raising and Grant Writing Rules and Regulations for Global Aid Against Poverty

Approved Fundraising Activities:
Raise funds directly in support of service activities that meet local, environmental, educational, public safety, international, homeland security, or other humanitarian needs.

 Examples of fundraising activities that GAAP perform include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Seeking donations from companies and individuals for charitable programs in which GAAP is engaged.
  •  Writing a grant proposal to a foundation to secure resources.
  • Securing supplies and equipment from the community to enable volunteers and office supplies.
  • Securing financial resources from the communities to assist the organization in launching or expanding a program that provides social services and is delivered, in whole or in part, through charitable means or

Prohibited Fundraising Activities:

A Fundraising’s service activities may not include the following:

  • Raising funds for his/her living allowance or other costs of the GAAP program.
  •   Rising funds for an organization’s SOLE operation expenses or endowment.
  • Writing grant applications, assisting or raising funds in order to assist or aid any other Corporation that is not registered with governmental agencies in the US or whose activities are not recognized by IRS or US government.
  • Support any political establishment
  • Use collected funds to support other projects that are not in line with the donors wish at the time of donations.

In general, GAAP or its Members cannot assist any organizations with any fundraising efforts as part of their GAAP service

GAAP Members or Volunteers may receive service credit for activities related to fundraising, but only to the extent that those activities satisfy all of the following conditions:

  • provide immediate and direct support to a specific and direct service activity,
  • fall within the Program’s approved direct service objectives,
  • are not the primary activity of the Program
  • do not involve financial campaigns, endowment drives, solicitation of gifts and bequest, or similar activities designed for the sole purpose of raising capital or obtaining financial contributions for the organization, and
  • do not involve significant amounts of time for any member.
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