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About Us

Global Aid against Poverty (GAAP) Is an International non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Washington Secretary of State as a Charitable Organization and has been 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations since January of 1993.

(GAAP) has been operating since 1993, providing economic, health, food, and emergency relief. GAAP also has helped communities to develop strategies on how to eliminate extreme poverty and meet the needs of vulnerable children. For more than a decade GAAP has collaborated with Ngo’s and relief agencies thru out the world to provide programs and services that help reduce the negative impact of poverty. The main operational offices are located in Seattle, WA (USA) we also have two other post in Africa and Middle East.

Organization Profile
NAME: Global Aid Against Poverty
ADDRESS: 3815 So Othello St 100-196
Seattle, WA 98118                          
Determination?    Humanitarian
Ahmed Scego President for 2014 term; [President since 2007;
Founder  in 1993
TELEPHONE NUMBER1: 888-789-9992
Full time staff: 1  in Seattle; 4 on US National Staff
Part time staff 6 clerical staff in Nairobi, Kenya
Volunteers: 21 US National Staff Members
Current Global Washington Member  
501 (c) (3) status since: IRS Tax  exempt
Major Funders: international
Organizational Mission Statement & Purpose:  Since 1993, Global Aid against Poverty, GAAP, has worked to eliminate poverty and provide emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development activities in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other surrounding countries. The mission of GAAP is to insure that every human being has access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and health service and to improve hygiene education in rural areas, particularly to women and vulnerable children. GAAP also helps local communities plan, implement, and maintain greater levels of health, safety, and self-sufficiency.

History of Accomplishments: 
For 17 years, GAAP has provided aid and relief in Kenya to refugees escaping war torn countries such as Somalia. That relief has included food, shelter, and medical care. For refugees crossing the borders, GAAP provided relief and assistance to nearly 300 families per year for the few days that they waited for United Nations personnel to transport them to refugee camps in Kenya.  In addition, for Somali people living in Kenya, GAAP collected donations to support their community and business development.
Major Programs:
[1] Construction and Operation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Brava District
[2] Safe Water and Sanitation projects in North Eastern Kenya and Southern Somalia
[3]Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children [OVC] and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS [PLWHA] in Kenya [focus of this application]

Major Beneficiaries: 
[1] Construction and Operation of Primary and Secondary Schools: 3000 school age children in Brava town in Somalia
[2] Safe Water and Sanitation projects in North Eastern Kenya and Southern Somalia: 20 new wells serving approximately 200,000 peoplein North Eastern Kenya and Southern Somalia.
[3] Orphans and Vulnerable Children [OVC] and the Persons Living with HIV/AIDS [PLWHA] project:

  • 5200 Kenyan orphans and children made vulnerable by and living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Families, 600 guardians and caregivers of these OVC
  • 160 community leaders providing training and advocacy for OVC and PLWHA
  • 100 support groups for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS [PLWHA]
  • Participants at 8 victim counseling centers [VCT] and peer counseling centers
  • 400 older OVC aged 8-14 taking life skills, vocational, and behavior change training.  
Geographic Area of Work:  Global


3815 S. othello St 100-196. SEATTLE, WA 98118
EIN: 010903005 -501 (C) 3

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